Here’s What You Need to Know about Break-Outs

Here’s What You Need to Know about Break-Outs

Unfortunately, pimples affect people regardless of age, gender and race but there are ways to ensure you go blemish-free. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

There Are Four Different Types Of Pimples, all of which are a result of oil and dead skin build-up that clogs pores:

  • Blackheads: not inflamed or infected with bacteria, and do not cause scarring
  • Whiteheads: limited bacterial growth, white pus, mild inflammation
  • Pustules: red bumps, inflamed, white or yellow centre, can cause scarring
  • Cysts: pus-filled lesions with deep inflammation and infection, swollen and sore. After the cyst heals, a permanent scar may remain.

What The Eff Provokes Pimples?

1 Your diet: 

A common cause of pimples can be found in your regular diet. Fast food, sugar, alcohol and dairy products can form excess toxins that will be forced out of your body through the skin. (Check out this Food Guide designed to improve our skin.)

2 Hygiene:

Personal hygiene and other habits such as constantly touching your face will transfer oil and bacteria to skin. Keep things that touch your face – such as your cellphone, pillowcase and hands – clean.

3 Stress and (lack of) sleep: 

As if dealing with a break-out isn’t stressful enough, it turns out that high stress levels can be related to more break-outs and greater pimple severity. Take time to relax, or use some calming exercise to bring stress levels down – your skin will thank you!

4 Genetics: 

The genetics you were dealt when you were born also have something to do with how likely you are to have pimples. There may be similar hormones between you and your family members that automatically allow for overactive skin glands – gee, thanks Mom and Dad. ?

5 Skincare Products: 

Your skincare product collection needs to be as natural as possible, so it doesn’t damage or dry out skin. Find out whether it’s suited to your skin type for best results. Shampoo regularly if you have dandruff or oily hair.

What Else Can Help?
If you’ve tried all the face washes and creams with nothing to show for it, listen up! MAPP offers natural products specially formulated to maintain healthy skin and assist with problem skin. MAPP not only control pimples, whiteheads and pustules; it also improves liver and digestive system function and helps keep skin clear throughout your cycle. Say ‘buh-bye’ to skin blemishes when that time of the month arrives!

For more information on these products, visit Mapp.Co.Za

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This post was sponsored by MAPP.

Article Taken from Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Comments (2)

  • Natasha Parsons Reply

    Hi I bought my son this on Sunday 13th May 2018, he started the 10 day course on Monday, I am really hoping and praying this product works. He is at a hostel school, and only comes home on Friday, so I am very excited to see if this product did it’s work.


    May 15, 2018 at 10:07 am
    • admin Reply

      Hello Natasha

      We sincerely hope that our product is going to assist your son’s skin problems and are happy to work with you while he is taking the product so that we can offer advice and assist you in monitoring his improvement.
      We have customers who have enjoyed fabulous results and are to pleased to be taking a natural product without the side effects associated with some prescribed products.

      Please bear in mind that there are several causes of problem skin and teenage boys in particular are affected. Sometimes their diet is not always healthy and very often the skin is not properly washed until before bed at night, even after playing sport in the afternoon.
      Bacteria thrive in this environment. Sometimes peer pressure causes stress which also aggravates the situation.

      I suggest you take a photo each weekend to monitor his progress. Its much easier to actually see rather than imagine.

      Please feel free to contact us at anytime for help and assistance.

      May 21, 2018 at 5:26 am

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