The warehousing and logistics functions of ENCA Healthcare are outsourced to the Pharmaceutical distribution company, Qestmed.

Procedures for returning items
1. Customers must first obtain authorisation for the return of any product by making the request direct to Qestmed,

2. Please include the following information
• Product Name
• Quantity of each product
• Lot / batch numbers
• Reason for return
• Customer account number
• Contact person, email and phone number

3. Qestmed shall then request authorisation for the return from ENCA Healthcare within 72 hours

4. Once authorised the product should be appropriately packaged with the attached documents and Qestmed informed that it is ready for collection

5. Once received by Qestmed and the inventory has been examined, a credit note will be issued

Eligible products for return
1. Products delivered by the courier wrong may be returned and swapped within seven (7) days of receipt

Non-returnable products
1. Products that form part of a bonus deal or provided as samples to the customer