Acne for me was a never-ending struggle – I tried everything on the market and eventually turned to my last resort: a heavy prescription medication that meant countless appointments, blood test and side-effects (joint pain and mood swings). After completed a year’s course the results were short-lived. My skin slowly began breaking out again, much to my disappointment.

I decided to approached a Homeopath this time who suggested a new product that his patients were having a lot of success with. Intrigued, I started taking MAPP. I began with the 10 day Intensive Repair followed by the 30 Day Maintenance and two months later my skin is still clear and with zero side effects. Whats even better is that when I need to stock up I don’t need a prescription, which makes recommending MAPP even easier. This is something that should be available in all pharmacies and available to people who are in the situation that I was in.

Alexander Bielovich

Alexander BielovichA testimony to MAPP

Thank you MAPP for this amazing product. The product healed my skin completely.

Brendt Wayne De Wet

Brendt Wayne De WetMr South Africa Top 5 Finalist 2016

I love that it’s all-natural. You can buy MAPP10 & 30 from Pure Esthetics or from MAPP online.

Misha Coetzee

Misha CoetzeeSouth African Business owner & Blogger

Thank you for the the product, MAPP10. I also love the fact that active ingredient is herbal. My acne was really bad at the time, I had breakouts every other day and my face was filled with spots. I first used MAPP10 back in 2018 after having to try a lot of products for my acne. It’s not even that I was impatient with the products, I gave them enough time to work. For instance, I remained loyal to a specific product and a brand for over six months with no sign of improvement. After 8 months or so, then I would change the brand and try a different one. Some of them I remained loyal to them for more than 12 months with no single sign of improvement. Nothing seemed to work, I purchased expensive products that didn’t help me at all, even dermatologist’ recommended brands. Just when I was about to throw in the towel and go for a detailed skin assessment with a Dermatologist, with the hope to use all the needed laser techniques and special products and frequent check-up consultations, I came across MAPP10 in a pharmacy where I was working. MAPP10 was still in the old packaging, green box, and it was not even that visible behind the counter. I grabbed the box and asked myself, what’s the worst that could happen? Before I could even complete the course, people around me recognized the significant changes. And I was in shock. My skin was not breaking so bad anymore. And at the time there was no maintenance course, or maybe that pharmacy didn’t stock it, therefore, I only knew and used the 10 day course once. To date, I still refer people to MAPP10. That became one of my recommendations for everyone that came to me with acne problem. My skin has since been clear, free from acne.

Buhle MbongoMAPP10 Testimonial



The results speak for themselves.