Alexander Bielovich – A testimony to MAPP

Alexander Bielovich – A testimony to MAPP

Acne for me was a never-ending struggle – I tried everything on the market and eventually turned to my last resort: a heavy prescription medication that meant countless appointments, blood test and side-effects (joint pain and mood swings). After completed a year’s course the results were short-lived. My skin slowly began breaking out again, much to my disappointment.

I decided to approached a Homeopath this time who suggested a new product that his patients were having a lot of success with. Intrigued, I started taking MAPP. I began with the 10 day Intensive Repair followed by the 30 Day Maintenance and two months later my skin is still clear and with zero side effects. Whats even better is that when I need to stock up I don’t need a prescription, which makes recommending MAPP even easier. This is something that should be available in all pharmacies and available to people who are in the situation that I was in.

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