Oily skin can cause large pores and lead to blackheads. Causes of oily skin can include puberty, hormonal imbalances and stress. Blackheads are caused when these large pores fill up with dirt. Blackheads can make you feel uncomfortable as they are easily noticeable.

If a blocked pore becomes infected, it can lead to whiteheads and pustules. To help fight blackheads, use a deep cleanser and do not use a scrub, as this can lead to blocked pores. Do not pick or pop these pimples as the dirt from your hands can cause more infection and it will take longer to heal. If you are battling with severe pimples, you can take MAPP10 as an immediate intensive treatment.

Once you have finished your course, and your skin is noticeably clearer, you can switch to the MAPP30 maintenance course, which can be used for as long as you like, to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.